Welcome Mechelle!

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our tile team Mechelle Roskiewcz! Mechelle has over 30 years of experience within the design field, both residential and commercial. If you have not been in the showroom recently please stop in and introduce yourself!

Rookwood Pottery Company

Introducing Rookwood Pottery Company:

Rookwood Architectural Collection includes decorative art tiles, field tile and stunning moldings that are hand made in the USA. With over 100 colors of field tile; some with a beautiful range of color, others with a crackle finish and of course gloss and matte tiles, there is a color way for everyone. Traditional to American Craftsman, Contemporary to Country, all styles are covered within the Rookwood Collection.

Rookwood is an exclusive line to Glens Falls Tile and Supplies and a must see! Visit our showroom to witness just how breathtaking this line is in person.


Rookwood Collage 10-15-14

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How To Use Houzz.com

Houzz.com is a website dedicated to home improvement and has become an excellent source of visual photographs, growing to over a million in only 3 years. Pictures are worth a thousand words.  We understand that our clients sometimes can not visualize styles, layouts and color the way we can. We work with the products everyday and know which styles will fit, what the current trends are, what is timeless, etc. When clients come into our showroom it can be slightly intimidating at first but with our help we can narrow our large selection down, rather quickly, by asking key questions. Sometimes what the client does not like about a tile will help us more than what they like about it. By asking, “What don’t you like about it? Is it the texture, color, glaze, movement, size, feel, etc.”

How To Use Houzz.com

#1. Create a Login.  By having your own profile allows you to create ideabooks, make notes related to the pictures you like and upload pictures of your own.

#2. Get Inspired! Houzz has over a million pictures available for your viewing, we suggest when you are searching to ask for specifics. Example: If you search “Kitchen Backsplash” over 280,000 pictures are available. Who has time to search through all that! Instead, search for “kitchen backsplash with white cabinets” and 38,000 pictures come up; still lot to go through but add glass mosaics to the search and now its 24,000.  By narrowing your search you will be able to hone in to ideas you are searching for faster. If you do not know what you like then click away and gain ideas.

#3. Ideabooks. As you are browsing you will be able to add pictures to ideabooks. Simply wave your mouse over the picture and a menu will appear at the bottom of the photo. Click on “Add to Ideabook” and you will be able to make notes on what you like about the picture and add to ideabooks you have created for specific categories of the home.  By saving pictures and making notes about what you like or dislike about the pictures will help us find your perfect tile selection. Remember, save pictures that you may like, for example, the color, but not the layout or you like the size of the tile used but you do not like the tile. What you do not like tells us so much.

Once you have done your homework and have some ideas of what you are looking for you will be able to visit our showroom and not feel as overwhelmed. You can sit down with one of our experience sales staff, login to houzz.com, and go through your ideabooks with us.

Glens Falls & Saratoga Tile & Supplies are both featured on houzz.com. Find us on houzz two ways: First, from our website, click the “Featured on Houzz” green bottom, at the bottom of this page, and be directed immediately to our profile or second, on the houzz website by clicking on “Find Local Pros” at the top of the page. You will be able to see pictures we have uploaded from current projects, along with our Ideabooks.

Houzz also has an iPad and iPhone app available for download.

Helping the Kids at Double H Ranch Hole in the Woods Camp

Double H Hole in the Woods RanchThe Glens Falls / Saratoga Tile & Supplies team volunteered our time to help support the Double H Hole in the Woods Ranch in Lake Luzerne, NY, created by Charlie Wood and Paul Newman, by installing this new 12,000 square foot custom tile floors. Our thanks to Marazzi USA, Schluter Systems and PROMA setting materials for their generous donation of materials allowing us all to support this amazing cause to help terminally ill children.